New Pension Rules 2020 in Bangladesh

New Pension Rules 2020 in Bangladesh

New Pension Rules – Pension Simplification Order 2020 – Pension Rules

Pension Rules – Pension is a social protection process to retired government employee. In Bangladesh government job offer pension facilities. Some Private organizations offers Pension policy. So Nation is thinking to make pension for all type of job holders.

Husband and wife will be redirected to pension by the death of wife or husband. This pension is for life time. So Pension is a hand tool to survive in society with dignity. Young people came government job to get pension and safe life policy.

সরকারি চাকরিতে পেনশন সুবিধা রয়েছে। তবে কিছু চাকরি সরকারি বলে সবাই ভাবলেও সেগুলো মূলত সরকারি নয়, যেমন স্বায়ত্তশাসিত, রাষ্ট্রয়াত্ত, আধা-সরকারি ইত্যাদি প্রতিষ্ঠান। এসব চাকরিগুলোতে গ্র্যাচুইটি সুবিধা থাকলেও মাসিক পেনশন সুবিধা বহাল নেই। তবে কিছু প্রতিষ্ঠান সরকারি শর্ত পূরণ সাপেক্ষে মাসিক পেনশন সুবিধা চালু করছে।

Pension for government employee / Gratuity for govt. employee in Bangladesh

Pension is providing only 3 days after ended PRL / Now Quick Pension is application for government offices

New Pension Rules 2020 in Bangladesh

Caption: New Pension rules 2020 / New Pension rules can be read by

New Pension Rules 2020 in Bangladesh

  1. Retired pension after 25 years service
  2. Welfare officer is appointed for New pensioner
  3. Service book will be digitalized soon
  4. Officer’s Service statement will be online
  5. Advance listing for upcoming pensioner
  6. Changes in ELPC Form
  7. PRL, 18 months Lamp grant, GPF fund, Gratuity will be paid by Cheque
  8. Lamp grant will be for 18 months Basic amount
  9. Lien, Pension Contribution
  10. Pension Case Monitoring Cell
  11. Provisional Pension Rules
  12. Pension Surrender and Yearly Increment
  13. Medical Allowance and New Bangla Year Allowance
  14. Family Pension is for life time
  15. Life Time Pension for Challenged Child
  16. Pension after death to family member
  17. Pension for Suicide
  18. Emergency Pension
  19. EPPO announced and Pension payment by EFT from ibas++
  20. Pension Granting process

What is new update to New Pension Rules 2020?

Nothing – In previous Pension Simplification 2009 is equal to pension rules 2020. Some update has been added to new pension rules named Pension Simplification Order 2020. In last 11 years some rules, orders, gazette has been published, just update is included to new Pension Simplification Order 2020. Overall pension cased is every easy and fast doing.

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