Pay fixation increment bd 2022

Increment is regular process of Government officials. 5% increment is applicable for government employee every year, For officer’s of upper grade yearly increment will be 4% average. Now we will see the process of yearly increment.

Need Pay Fixation for every year increment?

No. Absulatly No. You don’t need to do any thing for increment purpose. Increment will be added to your basic amount by default. When you will submit salary of july, you will find that your salary is bigger than June. That means that increment is added to your salary. So You don’t need to worry about that whereas increment is considered it may be needed to fixation. No need fixation for increment. You just can preserve you incrementn you from online only.

How to get increment sheet or fixation copy from online?

This is very easy to collect increment sheet from online. You just have to visit Pay fixation online by searching or Directly You can visite website named . This website allow you to get increment sheet or increment certificate. It is automaticaly generated sheet only. Integrated Budget And Accounting System is merged with pay fixation website. If any changes made to pay fixation , it will be effect to ibas++. After visiting You have to follow the instruction in the video below…

is it need to send hard copy of increment to Accounts office

No. they entry it to payfixation website. it is a record of increment. if you are in a government officail case or deparmental case. You will be deprived to increment. it is important to inform accounts office if you are suspended. Otherwise nothing to do your increment sheet or increment online certificate. You can print and preserved it only.

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