GPF Fund Balance Check

GPF Fund Balance Check

General Provident Fund – GPF Fund Balance Check – GPF

GPF Fund Check – Now GPF Year End Balance is online. You or everyone can get your gpf statement by online website named This Website is made for Pension and GPF Management.

Traditional pension processing system was manual and paper based. It took more time to generate a solution for every pension case. Pensioners are really at a stake due to their old age complexity and weakness.

Although the accounts office tries hard and soul for making the process fast as well as we see offline or ‘Brick-and-Mortar’ system reached its maximum output but still cannot make faster demanded in today’s business. On the other hand, government has different funds for the people in our country but for the government service holders we have “General Provident Fund (GPF)”.

GPF Fund or installment hit in your gpf statement / Check your gpf installment paid or unpaid

GPF Advanced payment is added to your gpf fund / Check your gpf balance and profit every month

GPF Fund Balance Check

Caption: online gpf checking website / Landing page of GPF Balance Check

GPF Balance checking process in Bangladesh

  1. Just go to
  2. Provide your NID number which is used in EFT or Pay Fixation
  3. Input your mobile number which is used in EFT or Pay Fixation
  4. Select your fiscal year which you want to check
  5. Click Submit
  6. Check your mobile inbox for sms password
  7. input 4 digit pass code
  8. just click OK
  9. You are done
  10. Check your gpf balance sheet

What is P&FM in CAFOPFM?

it is the only fund where government service holders deposit their own money into the government fund and government amplifies this fund for the betterment of the service holders. Office of the Chief Accounts and Fund Management, Pension and Fund Management (OCAFO P&FM) is destined to manage the pension, GPF and other funds smoothly through online media and better service delivery up to the doorsteps. However, to get a bird’s eye view of this office (OCAFO P&FM) and its huge activities, you can go through the website.


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