www bangladesh gov bd gpf

www bangladesh gov bd gpf

GPF Calculation in One Click – General Provident Fund Balance or interest – GPF

GPF – To calculate your general provident fund with Calculator linked by www.bangladesh.gov.bd. This website is created by a2i project with rules of General provident fund rules 1979, Addition of rules is added to the rules of calculation.

You can know your gpf current balance by inputting some information like Previous Balance, Monthly Subscription, Interest rate, Advance drawing, Date of advance and just click in result, you are done. interest rate can be up or down in every year, you know interest rate was 12% or 12.5% and now 13% is applicable.

To Know Year Ending Balance of GPF you have to input some information and select some rules. First input Previous Balance of GPF end of 30 June, monthly subscription what you deposit from salary, Interest rate, advance and date of takin advance. if your subscription is not equal just select No and input all months subscription. Ensure you have deposit your subscription before end of 5th day of month.

Monthly subscription is deposit before ending of 5 day of month / GPF Ending Balance Calculation

Current Balance of GPF / Balance at the end of Year of General provident fund

www bangladesh gov bd gpf

Caption: www.bangladesh.gov.bd / GPF Calculation from automatic website

Auto Calculation of General Provident fund from Website in Bangladesh

  1. Just do google by ” www bangladesh gov bd gpf”
  2. select first link of google search result
  3. You will find three option from the link
  4. Current Balance
  5. Year End of Balance
  6. Estimated GPF Balance
  7. You have to select End of Balance বছরান্তে স্থিতি
  8. Input previous GPF Balance
  9. Monthly Subscription
  10. Interest rate
  11. Advance
  12. Date of taking advance
  13. Monthly equal subscription select and
  14. Select Yes
  15. Click ফলাফল

Can i calculate 20 years of End gpf Balance?

Yes – This is nice and unique gpf calculator, you can calculate your ending gpf balance. you have another option to calculate gpf of 20 year just fill-up form, Number of Years, Beginning Balance at each year of 30th June ending Balance. Ending Balance input in beginning balance, do this again and again. Mind it interest should be mentioned.

Source: GPF calculator

GPF Fund Balance Check

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