Pay Scale 1973

National Scales of Pay 1973

National Scales of Pay 1973 – Pay Scale 1973 in Bangladesh – Pay Scale

National Scales of Pay 1973 – The undersigned is directed to say that the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh have, in pursuance of the recommendations of the National Pay Commission, decided to introduce the National Scales of Pay to replace the existing scales. The four national scales shown below shall replace the existing scales of Class IV, Class III and certain Class II posts:l.

Dacca Cantonment and Chittagong Cantonment will be treated as ‘Big City’ areas and the other cantonments will be treated as ‘Municipal’ areas for the purpose of drawal of fringe benefits.

The date of the next increment of the employees whose pay is fixed in the national scales according to the provisions of this memorandum shall fall on the 1st July, 1974 and on the 1st July each year thereafter, subject to crossing of efficiency bar where applicable.

National Scales of Pay 1973 / Pay Scale 1973

75% of the total monetary benefit shall be paid in the 2nd year, i.e., from 1-7-74 to 30-6-75. (iii) Full benefit shall be paid in the 3rd year, and thereafter, i.e., from 1st July, 1975.

National Scales of Pay 1973

Caption: National Scales of Pay 1973 / First pay Scale in Bangladesh

First National Pay Scale in Bangladesh

  1. Tk 2000.00 (Fixed)
  2. Tk. 1475-75-1850
  3. Tk. 1150-60-1570
  4. Tk. 800-45-1070-EB-40-1005-45-1275
  5. Tk. 475-conf-510-35-685-EB-4-1005-45-1275
  6. Tk. 310-Conf-400-25-525-EB-30-765-EB-35-975
  7. Tk. 30-Conf-325-15-400-EB-18-544-EB-21-670
  8. Tk. 220-Conf-228-8-268-EB-10-348-EB-12-420
  9. Tk. 145-conf-151-6-205-EB-275
  10. Tk. 130-Conf-135-5-180-EB-6-240

NB: 1-4 Scale is not Implemented

Is it real that officer’s scale was not activated?

Yes – Grade-1 to 4 was not activated for claiming of high pay scale for officers. Only Staff scale 5-10 was activated to pay according to Pay Scale 1973. National Scales of Pay 1973 was balanced pay scale and was in favor of staff of government of Bangladesh.

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