ibas++ salary in bangladesh 2021

ibas++ salary in bangladesh 2022

ibas++ was a platform of submitting salary of officer only. it is not actualy only salary submission Software. ibas++ means integrited budget and accounting system. ibas++ was old version and ibas++ is 2nd version of ibas. Government official uses it to make budget processing and Government bill processing system. now ibas++ is popular website to submit government employee salary bill and other bill. Now i will discuss about ibas++ salary in bangladesh. Firstly i will show the process of officer’s salary submission process

Ofifcer’s pay bill salary submission

An officer searches google by typing “ibas++ salary in bangladesh 2021” he will find ibas++ version 2 in 1st position in google search result page. he Click the link and go through it. after that he input his ibas++ user ID and Passward to login for submitting salary to accounts office. This process required an OTP from his personal Mobile number. After Submission Pay bill, DDO of his own office will forward the bill to the Accounts office. When an ddo forwards his bill, he will get an DDO Bill forward Confirmation message with a token number.

ibas++ token number

Token number is very important to submit a hard to copy of pay bill to accounts office. An Accounts officer find his pay bill from galary by searching with token number and Date. An ddo can identify officer’s bill with token number and date. Token number is issued by Accounts office automaticaly, it expires within 7 days. if 7 days pass, token will deactivated automatically. Then accounts office regernarate token number againt to approve the bills.

Hard copy of pay bill

After submitting pay bill or others bill, hard copy or physical copy of bill has to send to accounts office. after getting hard copy accounts officer take action to approve bill with token number. After some years of passway, it may be hard copy of pay bill need not to send manualy to accounts office. some officers get trouble to submit hard copy of pay bill, yet had to submit it. actualy when we identify us as an expert to this field, then no need hard copy of bill.

Bill Approved system

After getting pay bill’s hard copy accounts officer will pass or approve all bill which is submitted by the respective office. Firstly they approve it. It bill is submitted by manualy officer pass the bill and sent advice of bill to respective bank. after approval of bill, A conveyer takes bill to the bank to credit officer’s bank account, if The bill is submitted by ibas++, Accounts officer approve the bill by token number and before 1st day of accounting months he sent advice to the Bangladesh and Generate EFT. After generating EFT Officer will get a EFT Generate notication and he confirmed that Accounts office has done his duty and Bangladesh Bank will credit the EFT Amount to his bank account next day after EFT Generated.

EFT Generated

if An officer find EFT Generated to his submitted bill, he is assured that his bill is approved and Accounts office sent advice to Bangladesh Bank and Bank Account will be credit by next day. it takes 24 hours to credit bank account after EFT File Generated. EFT Conformation message may be delay to reach out to you. But Your ibas++ dashboard will be updated by the status EFT Generated.

Bill Process System: Bill Submitted>Bill Forward>Bill Approved>EFT Generated>Bank Account credited (done)

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