Pension Payment Information মাসিক পেনশন স্টেটমেন্ট

Pension is now under CAFOPFM – Pension Payment Information – Pension Statement

Pension Payment – Pension is now paid by EFT Process. You can check your online Payment information by clicking CAFOPFM.GOV.BD Website. This website allows you to check full statement from the date of Pension EFT.

You can also check Your pension is active or inactive. Pension can be hold for various reason: Overpayment or Life Verification required or other any reason step taken by government. For life verification, pensioner will get an sms for life verification.

For this process pension will not suffer to get monthly pension to his bank account by EFT. Pension Is now under one roof like Pension and Fund management branch CAFOPFM.GOV.BD . লাইফ ভেরিফিকেশনের জন্য এসএমএস পেয়ে থাকলে সম্মানিত পেনশনারদেরকে জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্রসহ যে কোন হিসাবরক্ষণ কার্যালয়ে যোগাযোগ করার জন্য অনুরোধ করা হল। *** পেনশন সংক্রান্ত অভিযোগ জানানোর জন্য ০৯৬০৯০০০৫৫৫ নম্বরে কল করুন।

Journey Towards Hassle-free Pension / Facing Problem to get pension? just call at 09609000555 from your mobile

Pension and GPF Fund management is now under Dhaka office / CAFOPFM is a branch of Chief Accounts of Finance

Pension Payment

Caption: Pension Statement from cafopfm /Check Your Token ID and Confirm by check EFT File Transmitted or not

Online Pension Payment Check by CAFOPFM in Bangladesh

  1. Do google by CAFOPFM and click first link of search result page
  2. Pension Payment Information>Click Here
  3. Input your EFT NID Number which is used for Fixation
  4. Input your EFT Mobile Number for Fixation used
  5. Select Financial Year
  6. Just Click Submit
  7. You will get mobile message
  8. Check your handset or mobile for OTP or Passcode
  9. Input OTP and Click OK
  10. You are done, you will see your pension statement

Why My pension is not EFT to My Bank Account in this month?

Pension by EFT – You didn’t get your monthly pension by account. You should check by online website. No need to go local accounts office to check it. Just to through and follow above step and check your pension is blocked or active. You can go any local office if you are not getting solution. Otherwise you can call central office of pension fund management 09609000555.

পেনশন Active আছে কিনা তা অনলাইনেই চেক করতে পারেন।


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