Drag company verification

ড্রাগ লাইসেন্স চেক করার নিয়ম ২০২২ । DGDA Drug Verification

Drug Licence Check 2022 – ড্রাগ লাইসেন্স চেক করার নিয়ম – Drug Licence

Drag Verification– Drug verification is now available in government apps – The DGDA Drug Verification App is used to verify the produce medicine of Bangladesh. For invalid products, end-user can report using the app to the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) of Bangladesh.

The end-user should not wait until he feels certain that a causal link can be considered proven or disprove. In any case of doubt, it is better to report than not to report. The reporter can verify his drugs by using this DGDA Drug verification app.

This is another version of the DGDA Drug Verification Mobile app of the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA). By using this app, you can verify your drug. If any users have complained to any drug or apps issue pls, mail at muhiddgdabd92@gmail.com

DGDA Drug Verification / Directorate General of Drug Admin- DGDAMedical

আপনি খুব সহজেই কোন কোম্পানি বা কোম্পানি ঔষুধ লাইসেন্সযুক্ত কিনা তা চেক করতে পারেন।

DGDA Drug Verification

Caption: Just Type Medicine Name or Company name to verify Drug Company and Medicine

How to check Drag company or medicine from the app?

  1. Go to play store
  2. Download DGDA Drug Verification
  3. Install it and Complete profile Information
  4. Go to Dashboard
  5. Click on Search
  6. Just put keyword about medicine or company
  7. Apps will inform you of details of the company or medicine
  8. just it

Is this that app Authentic?

Yes, those apps are government-made. This app that you can trust. Manufacturer name, Medicine name, and others will be displayed from that apps. This app will reveal the medicine price and other details of the medicine or company. apps download link: DGDA Drug Verification

  1. খুচরা ও পাইকারী ড্রাগ লাইসেন্স নবায়নের আবেদন (অনলাইন)
  2. নতুন খুচরা ও পাইকারী ড্রাগ লাইসেন্সের আবেদন (অনলাইন)

ড্রাগ কোম্পানির তথ্য এবং ঔষুধ সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত তথ্য জানতে ভিজিট করুন: http://www.dgda.gov.bd/

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