E Passport

E Passport

E Passport in Bangladesh – New journey in Passport process – E Passport

E Passport – An e-passport is a biometric passport that has an embedded electronic microprocessor chip. The electronic microprocessor chip contains biometric data that is used to prove the identity of the passport holder.

It uses smart work technology with microprocessor chip (computer chip) and antenna. Important passport information is stored on the chip. Currently, the biometrics used in e-passports are: photo, fingerprint and Irish. Biometric features outside the passport chip are comparatively verified by electronic border control system (e-border).

Passport chip electronically stored data is verified through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It is difficult to commit fraud if it is fully implemented. So far e-passports have been introduced in 120 countries. Currently following e-Passport Offices are functional

E Passport / Electronic Passport System in BD

To go abroad is now convenient to Bangladeshi People / Now We are update with the new technology in Passport era.

E Passport

Caption: Automatic recognize system / This is machine readable and Chip integrated passport

Answer about Required documents of e passport BD

  1. Printed application summary incl. appointment(if any)
  2. Identification documents (NID card or Birth certificate)
  3. Payment Slip
  4. Previous Passport (if any)
  5. GO/NOC for govt. service holder(if any)
  6. Further documents depends on application nature/correction
  7. Printed application form(Optional)

আমার পাসপোর্ট আবেদনের অগ্রগতি কিভাবে দেখতে পারব ?

Online Check. Go to the Status Check on the ePassport portal home page. Enter your Application ID or Online Registration ID and date of birth of the applicant to see the current status of your passport application. The Application ID can be found on the delivery slip you received after enrolment at the passport office. You also see the status of all your applications in your online portal account.

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