ibas++ Accounting Module

ibas++ Accounting Module for Government Departments and Ministries

ibas++ Accounting Module is used for budget update, budgetary preparation purpose. ibas++ Accounting Module has some various types of modules. Every ministry and department uses this module for budget preparation. You can see all of them and it’s feature in short below.

ibas++ accounting module provides the following facilities:

1.Online submission of all types of bills by field offices to Accounts office;
2. Online budget control registers for budget holders who is asigned for budget preparation;
3. Online bill status query and reporting finding menu;
4. ibas++ is Bill and payment (EFT, cheque, payment orders) processing in accounting offices and automatic update of various registers and ledgers;
5. Automatic update of sub-ledgers for GPF, and loans and advances, and access of the employees to those ledgers;
6. Automated service records and Last Pay Certificate (LPC), This feature is not ableable yet, it will be available very soon;
7. Automatic calculation of employee salary based on an employee database maintained in iBAS++, and loans and advance records; Loan deduction will be stopped automaticaly by it’s deduction date.
8. Electronic interface with treasury banks and automatic bank reconciliations and bank advice is available here. You can find auto generation reconfile statement from ibas++
9. Pension payment through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) using a pension database; pension payment is now very easy for creating accounting modules.
10. instant reports like Finance Accounts and proper accounts ibas++ is a great media for it;
11. A bast amount of financial analysis based on classification codes and financial Section.

Key Users of the ibas++ Module:
  • Upazila Accounting Offices
  • Drawing and Disbursement Officers
  • Self-drawing Officers
  • Controller General of Accounts
  • Chief Accounting Offices
  • District Accounting Offices
  • All gazzeted officer can use it for his payment purpose.

Every month a large number of people are employed in the Accounts Department to pay the salaries and allowances of the government gazetted officers just to deliver the salary allowances to the right officer at the right time.

It takes a lot of time but at present, it is very easy to pay the salary or allowances due to a certain person through the online portal ibas++.

To ensure ibas++ services in different remote areas of Bangladesh, internet service has been introduced in every office through which all ibas++ activities can be performed.

Accounting modules of ibas++ is made of bellow content. From DDO Account you can See all kinds of report search by NID. If you want to see details of your staff from ibas++ just go to accounting module and Search by his NID.

Reports is a key menu of accounting module of DDO ID
  • Reports Search by NID
  • Registers
  • Consolidation Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • DDO Detail Reports
  • Progress Report (Budget Vs Actual)-Accounting

Accounting module is a key and core module of ibas++. It is used for mainly budetary purpose. You can see more detail by visiting bdservicerules.info at ibas++ help Catagories.

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