ibas++ budget preparation

ibas++ Budget Preparation Module

iBAS++ allows preparation of national budget using Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF) paradigm with the following key activities.

  1. Implementation of resource ceiling for different levels of organization;
  2. Capturing detailed estimation and projection for operational units and field level offices;
  3. Generation of various financial statements and analysis for presentation to the parliament;
  4. Multidimensional analysis of budget versus actual.

iBAS++ offers design flexibility which will allow incorporating forward baseline etimation (FBE) and other future changes in budget preparation.

The module is being used down to directorates for preparing budget for 2016-17. DDO (budget holder) level budget preparation will be introduced in 2017-18.

Key users of the Module
  • Finance Division
  • Line Ministries/ Divisions
  • Directorates/ Departments
  • Field offices
  • Autonomous Bodies

ibas++ Budget Execution Module

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