ibas++ staff pay bill 2023

ibas++ staff pay bill 2023 । কর্মচারীদের বেতন বিল দাখিল করার নিয়ম

ibas++ staff bill submission- is finaly launch over the country since February 2023

ibas++ staff bill online bill submission- is a start of new era of govt. Salary submission-is also accounting system. This Staff online bill submission is relief of manual bill creation by spending huge time. In every office has 10-200 staff live every month. One staff need to prepare staff bill through whole months. Now it is one click bill submission process.

Login iBAS++ from DDO ID from office. You can follow the alogrithm like ibas++>budget Execution>Online Pay Bill>Employee Pay bill Entry>Select DDO ID, Fiscal year, month of Salary, Accounting Month, Employee Type, Bill Group>GO>Select All Staff>Save. This is first step for online staff paybill submission process.

Second Step is to go Employee Pay bill Submission and Select Fiscal year, Accounting month and DDO>GO>Then Just Click Submit, Staff pay bill Submission Process is done. after task done you will see a token number. Token number is the proof of submission of a bill.

Staff Paybill Report Generate / How to print submitted staff pay bill report

Once Online staff paybill submission process is complete to Accounts office, You will be needed to send hard copy of Staff pay bill to Accounts office Follow the below steps

Caption: Staff Pay bill Submission / Staff Pay bill Print Process

Staff Pay bill Submission & Printing of Staff Pay bill

  1. Employee Pay bill Entry
  2. Save Pay bill
  3. Staff pay bill Submission
  4. Submit
  5. Collect Token
  6. Reports
  7. Staff Bill
  8. Select Staff bill Summary
  9. Pay Point, Fiscal year, Month and Paste Token Number
  10. Select DDO
  11. You have to must select Bangla Language
  12. Run Report
  13. Print Salary Top Page

How to Print Staff Bill Details?

Bill Details with name – Staff pay bill report print is very easy process using Token Number, You can find only Two kinds of Staff Pay bill Report name Staff pay bill Summary and Staff bill Details – Staff Pay bill submission 2023

IBAS++ এ বেতন বিল দাখিল করার নিয়ম ২০২২ । অনলাইনে কিভাবে বেতন বিল দাখিল করতে হয় দেখে নিন।

অনলাইনে কর্মচারীদের বিল দাখিল পদ্ধতি ও ম্যানুয়েল।

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