Integrated Budget and Accounting System – সমন্বিত বাজেট ও হিসাব ব্যবস্থাপনা – ibas++

ibas++ – This digital hand is a tool for controlling budget and expense which is needed to develop our country. Different Division is using it to transmit their required budget and expense according to government rules to our country development.

Budgetary and Accounting controls (eg. budget checking) is enforced by this module at the backend. it helps provide an updated picture of financial assets and liabilities, as well as financial flows.

ibas Key user of the module, Controler General, Chief, District, Upazila, Drawing and disbursement, and self-drawing officer.

This module is being rolled out to accounting offices after successful parallel-run


Caption: ibas++ Accounting module to control and submit budget preparation action

ibas++ Users action of People Republic of Government office

  1. Controller General of Accounts: This is the central controlling authority of Finance Department
  2. Chief Accounting offices: Head Controler of Ministry of individuals-collect data to budget and disbursement.
  3. District Accounting offices: All Government office of a District accounting is under it.
  4. Upazila Accounting offices: All office’s bill is submitted here to pass it and EFT and Payment Processing center.
  5. Drawing and Disbursement officers: Officer of costing and payment doing make bill and disburse to staff and administrative expense.
  6. Self Drawing officers: They Only receive their monthly pay bill and their allowance to conduct their job.

Is it the expense gateway of budget in Bangladesh?

ibas++ is a complete package of taking budget and doing expense office. For serving the people, this gateway makes it easy to transact and easy payment process. Ibas++ is a fantastic creation of the Government of Bangladesh.

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