ibas2 । Integrated Budget And Accounting System – iBAS

ibas2 – Integrated Budget And Accounting System – iBAS – ibas++

ibas – also known as integrated budget and accounting ibas++ – ibas++ is being used for Employee Salary Payment, Budget management, cheque issue and overall Accounting Ledger and Balance sheet Generation. It is very easy tools to manage government fund.

Government Employee like officers and staff basic salary and allowance is paid by ibas++ system. EFT File is being generated and payment made by automaticaly. This Accounting process and payment is being maintained by ibas++.

All bill voucher is entered by an users of government officials. after generated token government bill will be entry by bill entry users and bill will be approved by DDO of an office. when bill will be approved Government bill may be paid by cheque mothod. Cheque advice need not to sent bangladesh Bank.

ibas2, ibas++ version2 / ibas++ is second version of ibas

here is a description of ibas++2, you can see an overview of ibas++ bellow. This image is called landing page of ibas++. you can login here using user ID and Password.

Caption: ibas2 is a landing page / First page of ibas++, ibas2

Key Feature of ibas++

  1. Officer’s Salary and all kinds of payment by EFT Process from ibas++
  2. Staff bill and allowance payment by ibas++
  3. Accounting Ledger maintain from ibas++
  4. Information management from ibas++
  5. EFT File Gernerate  from ibas++
  6. Budget Control from ibas++
  7. Accounting Calculation from ibas++
  8. All Iind of Report Genration from ibas++
  9. Paperless office for ibas++

Bank Advice Can be sent by ibas++?

Bank Advice – now ibas++ is a complete package of accounting module, Budget implementation is integrated with ibas++  – pls google writing “ibas2”, you will find ibas++ direct link.

iBAS++ পরিবর্ধন ও সংশোধন ব্যবস্থাপনা পদ্ধতি।

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