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Best Internet package 2023 । সবচেয়ে সাশ্রয়ী ইন্টারনেট প্যাক দেখুন

Best Internet Package in Bangladesh – Best Package Looking For You – Freelancer

Internet package– We ofter need internet package in remote area – No Broadband internet is not avaiable there. If you are a youtuber or a freelancer or a facebooking man you just need to connect with internet.So I will Suggest Some package for you always keep the listed package. If You use broadband You have to pay min 500 Tk. for 30 Days, Use or not use. If You are in a remote area, You can use this package. GP unlimited validity internet । গ্রামীনফোনের নতুন প্যাকেজ ২০২৩

Some times Broadband internet doesn’t work for Electricity Load Sheeding or other’s Problems like Cutting cable for Storm, Digging road for repair, Cheating Broadband Business Man and so many reason. so I will suggest you to keep a Modem wifi Router with you to connect always to Your Laptop or Smart Phone. You can Also Enjoy a Great Speed in browsing internet. Teletalk Unlimited Meyad Internet । টেলিটক মেয়াদবিহীন ইন্টারনেট ২০২৩

When You are trying to find best package of internet This post is for you – What Wifi Modem or Pocket Router is suitable for you. I will Suggest you to collect Local 4G Wifi Enabled Modem, Teletalk SIM + Dongle + Free Data (2GB for first month + 2GB for second month) at 1350 Tk. Only or Teletalk MiFI Router at Flash MiFi Router at 3490 Taka, Local 4G modem at Only 1500 Taka to 1800 Taka. If You have more budget you can Collect Grameenphone pocket Router 4G Pocket Router at TK.2,999 / Best Internet Using Device.

Best sim Wifi Device / Best Router for 10 Users in Bangladesh

Best Device for Internet

Caption: Best Device for Internet / 4G Sim Router 

Best 13 Package for Dongle, 4G Sim Router and Pocket Router

Around 300-500 taka package will be best for you at 30 days. I will show you different company’s 30 days best package at taka 300-500.

  1. 35 GB 399 Taka 30 Days. (Skitto using app)
  2. 25 GB 299 Taka 30 Days. (Skitto using app)
  3. 10GB @ Tk.186 Validity 30 Days (Teletalk Bornomala)
  4. 30GB @Tk.344 Validity 30 Days (Teletalk Exclusive Package)
  5. 45 GB @ Tk.445 30 Days (Teletalk Regular Package)
  6. 30 GB @ Tk.283 30 Days (Teletalk Package using app)
  7. 15 GB TK 498 Validity : 30 Days (Grameenphone Regular Package)
  8. 25 GB TK 330 Validity : 30 Days (Airtel Yelo Package using app)
  9. 40 GB TK 401 Validity : 30 Days (Airtel Yelo Package using app)
  10. 10 GB TK 222 Validity : 30 Days (Airtel Yelo Package using app)
  11. 40 GB TK 499 Validity : 30 Days (Banglalinnk Offer Package)
  12. 15 GB TK 449 Validity : 28 Days (Robi Offer Package)
  13. 10 GB TK 399 Validity : 28 Days (Robi Offer Package)

Best Operator for Best Internet package?

Best Internet Package – is depend on your area of network coverage, I will suggest you to use Teletalk if network covers it. after That I will keep airtel Yelo Package for 2nd Option and Finaly Previous Two option is not applicable for you, You can use Skitto Sim. That is it, Thank You

GP Unlimited Validity Internet Pack । গ্রামীণফোন মেয়াদহীন ইন্টারনেট প্যাক ২০২২

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