iBAsS++ Partial Bill Submission

iBAS++ Partial Bill Submission

ibas++ Partial Bill – Partial Bill submission – ibas++

Partial Bill Submission – also known as Part bill PBS – is submitted for Earn leave is taken or Govt. employee when getting half pay or full payment of basic. This is meant that in this process full payment is not applicable to him or her.

A Staff or An officer are in half pay leave or prescribed leave. I will explain it details that if you are in leave, you will not get Tiffin Allowance or Conveyance Allowance. Partial bill will be applicable, if you are in less than full payment or gross payment of salary.

iBAS++ partial Bill submission is very easy process that you have to login ibas++ and have to click Partial Bill Submission. For officer’s partial bill submission. You have to select Fiscal year, Salary of month, partial bill period and press GO

Partial bill for Promotion / Partial bill for earn leave

SDO can submit partial bill from Partial Bill Submission Menu  / If you get promotion at the date of middle of month or 5th day of the month, You have to submit two bill for this step.

iBAsS++ Partial Bill Submission

Caption: Partial bill submission for officer / Partial bill submission for upper grade or for promotion

An Officer’s Partial Bill Submission Process of iBAS++ in Bangladesh

  1. Login to IBAS++
  2. Provide your user id and password
  3. Click partial bill submission in the left side
  4. Provide Fiscal year of salary
  5. Month of salary selecting
  6. Select Partial bill period (Begining and Closing Date)
  7. Click GO
  8. You will See Gross Amount and New Amount
  9. Also showing Partial bill Start and End Date
  10. After reviewing your total amount click Submit
  11. Provide your OTP from mobile phone
  12. Click OK
  13. Just done your partial bill submission process

Partial bill it breaking monthly pay bill amount in two pieces?

Yes – You have to submit two bill for the one months. After getting promotion you have to pay fixation by ibas++ and have to approved by accounts office. After Approving your payfixation, you can submit partial bill. So An SDO can submit his/her partial bill all alone. Thank you for reading it.

Online Pay Bill Submission (Partial) যখন ব্যবহার করবেন।

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