Pension Fixation

Pension Fixation

Pension Fixation – Net Pension fixed by Accounts office– ibas++ Pension Fixation

Pension Fixation – Online Pension Re Fixation Guide Line 2015. This is only used for Government work Purpose. Some work is done by Accounts office and some are done by Bank. At First You have to Enter this Address by Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla firefox internet Browser.

Website shows you some pre-causion and terms and conditions also. You have to abide by the rules of this website. The Pensioner who got PPO book and D half from accounts office they can re pension fixation. Today we will know re pension fixation process.

At First You have to click Next Step and then you will see important instruction page and you have to Tik mark and Click next Step also then you will see Sign in option for accounts office staff and officers only.

Online Pension re Fixation Process / Online Pension refixation Step by step

ibas++ and payfixation website is integrated now / Any Changes to payfixation ibas++ will reflect it.

pension fixation

Caption: Pension Fixation for current Pensioner/ Pension fixation for new pensioner

Pension Fixation Feature and What you have to input here

  1. Data Entry: First You have to select Current Pensioner or New Pensioner (what is applicable to him/her) to entry pensioner’s information.
  2. More than One Pension: One pensioner can take two pension, one is for him/her and another is for his spouse.
  3. Temporary List: You can see all information of pensioner what you inputted before finally submitted.
  4. Final list: You you can see list of pensioner which is finalized by accounts officer.
  5. Data correction: If you need to correct any data you can correct it from this menu.
  6. Password Change: If you want to change password of pension pay fixation website. You can do from here.
  7. Logout: after login, when your task is finished you can logout from here.
  8. Current Pension Option: this option for pensioner of 2015 or before
  9. New Pensioner: this option is for new pensioner or pensioner after 2015

NID is required for this?

Yes, Pension has to belong national NID Card, without national NID None can fixed Pension. NID is required to pension pay fixation. Pension pay fixation or refixation is easy for pay fixation website which is integrated to ibas++.

Soruce: Pension Refixation Guideline 2015: Download

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