AdSense payment hold problem solved

AdSense Payment Hold with YouTube account suspend (Solution)

Adsense Problem Solution – Payment hold for information verification – Adsense Payment Hold

Adsense Action in Occupation- you’re currently unable to receive payouts because there’s a hold on your payments account with YouTube account suspend Solution.

Google payment team sometimes needs some information to verify your location, Name, Profession, Occupation, Bank details, etc. The first time google sent a mail by post to verify your address to start paying to the bank. 2nd time they verify your information by NID Card, password, or other government documents. It would help if you named your Gmail by NID, Passport, or any further government ID proof.

Today I will share with you about occupation information that the google pay team wants. If you are a writer or content creator, Google wants to know your occupation for your capability to write your niche content. Rather than purchasing a content writer or hiring a content creator, that is not a problem to publish it. Yet google wants to verify your occupation by holding your payment.

Adsense Payment hold on information verification/ Payment holding reason to occupation verification

google ads are disabled until you send your information for confirmation within five business days.

AdSense payment hold

Caption: google pay email for occupation verification by holding your current payment

How to resolve your problem by writing reply attaching documents

  1. First, read the mail carefully pls don’t panic.
  2. Get the summary message of the email, which is about payment hold
  3. Get Calm, yet your ads are disabled, and payment is held.
  4. if your message is occupation-related, your should collect your office ID Card
  5. Take a picture of your Office or occupation ID
  6. reply to the mail you have got
  7. wait for a reply from the google pay team
  8. done

What would be the reply message or mail from the google pay team?

Google Pay reply – reply mail will be sent within 24 hours of the mail you get. Just don’t be panic. You have lost, and your youtube channel will be ok after enabling or payment un-hold mail. Just wait a more day to get ready for your youtube channel. Reply mail from Thank you for your response. The hold on your account has been released.



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