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Evaly – There is more than one online shopping mall in Bangladesh, They don’t offer best discount of shopping. In that case, Evaly offer best discount in their T10 and regular campaign offer is fantastic. You can buy your daily needs from evaly to get best shopping experience.

Yes, You are right evaly is in trouble now. Evaly has expense huge amount of public money in the name of increasing their Brand value. They also expense for their company advertisement more than they should. They are working best to recover them. If evaly survive, you will get best service from evaly Bangladeshi Online shopping mall.

Recently Jamuna Group has come to forward to take them away, Mohammad Rassel, CEO of Evaly is working with Seller of evaly, Some seller came forward to help evaly and to grow their business in this certain time. I think if seller come to business on evaly, evaly will come back oneday.

Evaly, An Online Shopping Mall / No#01 Online shopping Mall in Bangladesh

If evaly stay alive you will get big discount/ All Company use Public Money, stock market or Bank


Caption: T10 Weekly running 24 hours offer time / Slow Delivery is big problem

Why Evaly is best in Bangladesh?

  1. Huge Discount
  2. Original Product
  3. They did cheat on product
  4. Trusted Brand
  5. Enormous Brand in a group

Did not provide Product or Money Back?

Delivery is slow but not cheat to delivery or money back – Now Evaly is in trouble to raise their fund. You all are Known that evaly has invested public money for their brand promotion. Evaly is working on backing money to Customer. But Customer has to be patient on delivery. If Mohammad Rassel and Evaly survive customer will get their due product.

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