Evaly bd

Evaly bd

Evaly Shopping Mall – No#01 Online Shopping Mall in Bangladesh – Khalid Farhan

Evaly bd – evaly is renowned online shopping mall. Huge discount is the main theme to marketing of evaly. First time evaly offer 60-70% discount of Electronic or Grocery product. People who is familiar to internet browsing, they frequently order evaly on a huge amount. Sometimes Evaly sale 20 millions dollar on a month.

By following evaly some e-commerce is launched in Bangladesh, For example e-orange, aleshamart, Adiyan Mart, Dhamaka shopping etc. whatever it that, Daraz and Ajker deal selling product in law discount and they make profit good from Bangladesh Market place.

Recently we are found that evaly was selling product in loss basis. This loss amount liability to customer and general seller of evaly. Government has taken active evaly and like this e-commerce company by issuing E-commerce rules 2021. After government rules evaly avoid Cyclone and Thunderstorm offer. now they offer T10 which is discounted within 10-25% of product price.

Evaly Regular Campaign Product / Evaly T10 offer Product

Now evaly offers T7, T5, T3 on regular basis  / evaly is planning to work with Jamuna Group

Evaly bd

Caption: T7 is optimize for 7 days delivery promises / T5 is optimize for 5 Days delivery offer

Evaly offer detail and Campaign in Bangladesh

  1. T10 is happened only Friday for 24 hours
  2. T10 Offer very good discount from evaly platform
  3. T7 is regular campaign
  4. T5 is regular campaign
  5. T3 is regular campaign
  6. Another option is Priority Store
  7. Old Cyclone offer product evaly is providing very slow.

What is the old order of evaly cyclone offer?

Evaly Cyclone offer – Evaly is providing old order graducaly. 400 core loss can be make up on 6 months as per promise of CEO of Evaly, Mohammad Rassel. in Uncertain period, Customer and Seller are waiting for came back of evaly. Evaly iis  trying to minimize it’s operational cost and other cost to gain Back.

Disclaimer: This is unofficial information, it is my personal opinion. Please don’t take it personally.

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