finance gov bd

Finance gov bd

Ministry of Finance – – MOF

MOF – Ministry of Finance – Bangladesh Control it’s budget by Finance Department, Finance department circulate all order, rules of Finance. Finance related circular is not valid until approved by Finance Department

Public Administration-Ministry of Public administration-MOPA gets approval from ministry of finance to announce any circular related to finance. So it can be called that Finance department is mother authority to announce finance related circulars, orders, rules and Gazette.

To Control public budget or government budget finance department launches ibas++ which is connected to election commisson, pay fixation, Banking Software and etc to regulate any uncertain situations. To avoid violations of government terms and conditions, ibas++ is special tool to manage and control expense and budget.

Ministry of Finance-MOF / finance gov bd is the website of ibas++ / ibas++ is connected to this domain named

finance gov bd

Caption: finance gov bd is for ibas++ / is a ibas++ website

uses of finance gov bd or ibas++ go to

  1. To Submit Salary of government officer or Staff সরকারি কর্মকর্তা/ কর্মচারীদের বেতন বিল দাখিল
  2. Pension payment by EFT প্রতিমাসে অবসরভোগীদের অবসর ভাতা প্রদান।
  3. Government office maintenance Expense সরকারি অফিস পরিচালনা ব্যয়।
  4. GAS, Electricity, Water, City corporation bill or any directional bill payment system as ibas++
  5. Festival Allowance of Government officer or staff
  6. Employee Salary or others allowance report Generate
  7. Budgetary Calculation
  8. Expense Reconciliation
  9. Budget vs expense calculation

is ibas++ or offline software system?

No, Ibas++ is totally internet based system. it works throught internet browser which is connect to government server. Sometime server may be down or terminate in that time, ibas++ doesn’t work. To use ibas++ you must have internet connection. Without internet isn’t possible to connect ibas++. if you are out of internet you can’t do any thing like pay bill submit or other budgetary task.



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