Pay Fixation Form

Pay Fixation Form

Pay Fixation Form – পে ফিক্সেশন ফরম– Fixation Form

পে ফিক্সেশন ফরম – Now Online pay fixation is application for all government staff. it is said that after 2015 pay scale pay fixation form is not applicable for existing employee but, Due time Scale and Selection grade fixation purpose old pay fixation form is needed to fixed arear of basic.

For Higher Scale or 1st time scale before pay scale 2015 declared, old pay fixation form is need to fix basic. Here we attached for offline pay fixation for due time scale and selection grade. Pay scale will be calculation before pay scale 2015

There is no way to calculate time scale online before 2015 pay Scale published. You have to calculate manually for fixing of payment. After Fixation with fixation form, you have to submit arear bill in due period. So you will be need for pay fixation form.

পে ফিক্সেশন ফরম / Online Pay fixation is valid for fixation

Old Fixation form is not used in present time / Due time scale pay fixation form

Pay Fixation form

Caption: Time Scale Pay fixation form / Pay fixation for arear Calculation

Pay Fixation process before ibas++ or pay fixation website entry

  1. First you have to entry Name Post and office address.
  2. Enter First joining date
  3. Joining date at present post
  4. Basic before getting time scale with PP (Personal Pay)
  5. Scale after getting time scale
  6. Due date of getting time scale and Duration of time scale.
  7. Date of getting time scale
  8. Basic after getting time scale
  9. Higher scale of time scale
  10. Stage of higher scale
  11. Increment rate at due date
  12. Basic at time scale date
  13. done

is it possible to calculate pay fixation before time scale 2015?

No Way to calculate arear or due time scale by online – Manual pay fixation is required to fixation. So You have to follow pay fixation form to calculate due time time and selection grade. if you are entitle to get backdate promotion or time scale or higher scale before pay scale 2015, you have to collect pay fixation form.

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