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Pay Fixation 2021 – Pay Fixation on Promotion – Basic Pay Fixation

Basic Fixation – If you are promoted, you have to fixed your salary by Online Process. If your promotion is timely got, you will be revised your basic in high payment than you host to your previous post. If you are late and your salary in bigger getting increment your salary will be same at staff pay fixation. Staff (11-20 Grade) grade one to another is very nearest that’s why you are getting less facility in promotion. সরকারি কর্মচারীর পদোন্নতি জণিত ফিক্সেশন যেভাবে করবেন।

If you got higher scale after 2015 pay scale, your salary will be same by adding PP (Personal Pay). After a year will salary will decrease in staff. If you are high official officer, so you are done. you will get all facilities timely and you will be benefited by higher scale. Higher scale will affect your basic salary in upgradation but staff will be lost by getting higher scale after pay scale 2015. Because you PP will vanish in next year, that’s why your salary will be decreased. উচ্চতর গ্রেড প্রাপ্তিতে বেতন কমে যেভাবে।

Pay Fixation in time scale and selection grade will be upgraded your basic pay. Before pay scale 2015, staff will be benifited by time scale or selection grade. in pay scale 2009 staff will be benifitted by due time scale which will be calculated arear. In Case of due pay scale, salary will be increased by around 500 taka for staff.  উচ্চতর গ্রেড প্রাপ্তিতে ৫০০ টাকা বেতন বৃদ্ধি।

Pay Fixation 2021 / is integrated by ibas++

For Pay Fixation go to / Pay fixation is attached with ibas++

pay fixation 2021

Caption: website will redirected to ibas. / is will fixed basic.

Pay Fixation by ibas++ is integrated and connected with each other.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Next
  3. Tick I understand and click next
  4. Click your desired pay fixation type like Promotion, higher scale and time Scale and New Joining. Click on one which you are needed.
  5. Click Yes
  6. if you are civil click বেসামরিক
  7. Then Enter NID number and Mobile Number
  8. Complete Captcha Entry
  9. Click Login and Fillup Pay fixation Form
  10. খসড়া দেখুন।
  11. Submit
  12. You are done

Same Basic promotion is it need to pay fixation?

Yes– Your Basic is not upgraded because of you are not entitle your promotion timely and your basic raise more than designated scale. So Basic will not be increased but pay fixation is mandator. Your basic will remain same yet you have to make pay fixation.

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