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ibas++ pension fixation  – online pension fixation – Pension fixation

online pension fixation – Bangladesh Government has made revolution in Pension payment System. Pension was paid in primitive process which is called manual process. Now Pension is in hand at the end of month, Bank EFT Message is being sent every month for pension.

In Mujib Year 2021, Government has taken step to complete Pensioner EFT process. After Completion of EFT process of Pensioner, Pensioner will not suffer for his/her pension, Aged person would not be hassaled by accounts office. Accounts office will send pension to pensioner’s Bank Account every month.

After End of PRL, that means post retire leave. You just take your lampgrant, Gratuity, GPF Sattlement Then jump pension by EFT ibas++. You just have to declare PPO and fillup a pension eft form, than you are done. Accounts office will do it everything for Pension EFT Process. Mind that Personal Information, Service information and Bank Details provied to EFT form.

Pension in EFT by ibas++ / Online Pension Fixation in Bangladesh

Collect your form from Accounts office / Online pension EFT by ibas++

Online Pension Fixation

Caption: EFT Form for pension / Pension Fixation by Online

Pension EFT or online Pension Fixation by ibas++

  1. First Make sure Pensioner Data entered
  2. Pension fixation by ibas++
  3. Declare a PPO Book
  4. Fillup EFT Information Form
  5. Submit information EFT Form with Bank Cheque Leaf, PPO Book and others documents
  6. Declare ePPO
  7. Pension will be sent by EFT SMS Generated.
  8. Get your pension in your bank account every month.

Is Pensioner getting pension in bank account?

Yes, All Pensioner is getting pension by online EFT Process, Before getting Online Pension, You have to online ibas++ Pension Fixation by Accounts office. Happy smile face in pension when he/she gets pension in his bank account and gets a sms to his/her mobile. It’s very pleasure that pension is automatically in hand without any hassle.

মাসিক পেনশন অনলাইনে প্রাপ্তির EFT ইএফটি ফরম।

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