National Salary Scale 2015

National Salary Scale 2015

National Salary Scale 2015 – There are 10 types of Pay Scale – Pay Scale

Pay Scale – There is similarity in Grade or Scale. 7 of 8 pay scale is same as civil grading system that mean 1-20 Grade included. Bangladesh Judicial Service pay scale consists of 5 grade only. Judicial Pay scale start from 30,935 to 70,925 taka but in civil pay scale starting grade 20 tk. 8250 and Top grade 78000 taka only.

House rent is different in specific area. Thana level is highest 45% of Basic salary. But In District Level 55% and In Dhaka 60% is high level to pay as house rent. Some allowance is variable in civil pay scale VS BGB or Police Pay Scale 2015. BGB and Police Pay Scale 2015 is included by Arms allowance, Overtime, Risk Allowance, Safety allowance etc. different.

Actually officer’s grade is 1-10 and 11-20 is staff’s grade. Lower grade is very low salary system is applied. 1-10 is consisted of high salary grade. This System is come from long time ago like British age. Pyramid Salary Structure will be best solution for international Standard.

Pay Scale 2015 in Bangladesh / National Pay Scale in Bangladesh

Pay scale of all bodies and department in Bangladesh / Total 8 Types of Pay Scale is declared in BDNational Salary Scale 2015

Caption: Pay Scale of civil, Project, Bank Police, BGB / Autonomous Bodies and Judicial Service.

National Salary Scale 2015 divided into 10 piece with amendment

  1. National Pay Scale 2015 Amendment.
  2. Declaration of Service Value to Procure Service through Outsourcing for Development Projects.
  3. Pay Scale 2015 (Civil)
  4. Pay Scale 2015 (Public Bodies & Autonomous)
  5. Pay Scale 2015 (Bank, Insurance & Financial Institutions)
  6. Pay Scale 2015 (Police)
  7. Pay Scale 2015 (Border Guard Bangladesh, BGB)
  8. Pay Scale 2015 (Development Projects.)
  9. Order for Contractual Appointment.
  10. Pay Scale 2015 (Bangladesh Judicial Service)

IS There chance to declared next pay scale?

No pay Scale – Bangladesh Government has declared that No pay scale will be declared. Sometimes raise some question about staff salary but government refuse to revise 8th National Pay Scale. 9Th pay scale can’t published, Government verbally inform in most time. So it is not written but reality is that No Pay scale will be declared any more.

Pay Scale 2015


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