Jatio Beton Scale 2015

Jatio Beton scale 2015

Jatio Beton Scale 2015 – National Pay Scale – Pay Scale 1973 was not activated fully.

Pay Scale – Pay Scale was revised after every five year. If we look back that pay scale before 2015, 2009, 2005 sequent after liberation of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Government has declared that no pay scale will be announced in future.

All Government will be introduce by Grade except of Class. but Class is remained now. 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, 4th Class is unwritten discrimination of government employee 11-20 grade is 3rd and 4rth class staff and they are paid very low pay scale. Distance between one scale to another scale on average 2.5% only.

Officers are elegant class, 1st and 2nd class grade is divided by 1-10 grade employee. They are paid high salary and grade distance is one to another on average 20%. This is great distance between staff and officer. No Country allows like this our pay scale 2015. It should be revised otherwise 11-20 grade staff can’t continue their job in future.

National Scale of Pay 2015 / Pay Scale 1973 which was not activated

Pay scale of 1973 was 10 grade system but officer did not accept it/ For 20 level grade discrimination is in high frequency.

National Pay Scale 1973

Caption: 1st grade is starting from 3000 and last grade is end with 900 Taka. Minimum Number of years Service required for full pay is applicable

Published pay scale from 1973-2015 in Bangladesh

  1. National Scale of Pay, 1973
  2. The Services (Public Bodies and Nationalized Enterprises) Pay and Allowance order, 1977
  3. Modified New Scales of Pay, 1985
  4. National Scale of Pay, 2005
  5. National Scale of Pay, 2009
  6. National Scale of Pay, 2015

is there Increment after new appointment or on promotion?

Subject to the principle governing the crossing of efficiency bar as indicated by EB in the New National Grade and Scale and other principles governing grant of increment, the date of increment of pay of a person who is appointed or promoted on or after 1st July, 1977, shall be- a) 1st January next year, if he joins his post on any date between 1st January and 30th June in any year; b) 1st July next year, if he joins his post on any date between 1st July and 31st December in any year.

Pay Scale From 1973-2009 PDF Collection: Download

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