ibas++ । সমন্বিত বাজেট ও হিসাবরক্ষণ পদ্ধতি -আইবাস++

ibas++ । সমন্বিত বাজেট ও হিসাবরক্ষণ পদ্ধতি -আইবাস++

ibas++ – সমন্বিত বাজেট ও হিসাবরক্ষণ পদ্ধতি – আইবাস++

ibas++ is a distributed system running with the WAN of Finance Division, whereas ibas++ is a centralised and internet based system. ibas++ is a transaction capturing system without a General Ledger, as a result lacks essential budgetary and account controls.

On the other hand, ibas++ is a General Ledger based system with budgetary and accounting control porvisitions. The System will provide a complete picture of financial assets and liabilities of the government at a given point of time, after complete implementation of the system.

ibas++ General Ledger module-Budgetary and accounting controls (eg. Budget Checking) is enforced by this module at the backend. It helps provide an updated picture of financial assets and liabilities, as well as financial flows. ibas++ is anti corruption ejaculation of Government Revenue to control expense of Government Budget.

ibas++ integrated budget and accounting system / সমন্বিত বাজেট ব্যবস্থাপনা পদ্ধতি

আইবাস++ বেতন বিল দাখিল, ক্রয় প্রক্রিয়াকরণ / ibas++ revenue budget expenditure control weapon of Bangladesh Government

ibas++ app

Caption: ibas++ app is being developed which will be finally open soon. / ibas++ budget control system in Bangladesh

ibas++ budget and accounting system core feature in Bangladesh

  1. ibas++ government employee pay bill easy submission tool
  2. Development project details breakup
  3. Fund release
  4. Authorisation Disbursement Entry
  5. Report Generation
  6. Accounting Ledger Maintain
  7. Ledger and Account Statement Generate
  8. Reconcilation
  9. Budger Re-allocation
  10. Budget Realization
  11. Budget Closing

Is it ibas++ pension payment tool?

Yes– Pension Payment through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) using pension database. Statutory report like Finance accounts and appropriation accounts. A wide range of financial analysis based on classification codes. This module is being rolled out to accounting offices after successful convenientl parallel run. Pension and regular payment of employee payment will easy convenient and secure under ibas++.

ibas++ । সমন্বিত বাজেট ও হিসাবরক্ষণ পদ্ধতি -আইবাস++ Manual PDF Copy : ডাউনলোড

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