ibas++ GPF Correction এর পদ্ধতি।

ibas++ gpf correction – gpf correction – ibas++ in Bangladesh

GPF correction – in July months sdo can correct his gpf subscription by himself. GPF subscription can be corrected now. An SDO Can correct his GPF without the help of the accounts office. For Staff gpf correction can be done by DDO. A DDO can change gpf subscription of his staff like 3rd and 4th class staff.

You can deposit gpf subscription from your monthly salary. gpf subscription can not be greater than 25% of his basic pay. on the other hand gpf subscription can not be less than 5% of his basic pay. From this month, the Ministry of finance has announced that gpf can be increased or decreased by an sdo.

I attached gpf subscription increase or decrease video below. You can change your gpf subscription amount alone. Login to ibas++>bill submission>Select bill month>go>gpf correction>subscription and click save. you have done your task.

gpf correction option / ibas++ gpf correction process

SDO can change his gpf all alone / DDO will change gpf info by himself that’s it.

Caption: gpf correction landing page / how to correct gpf information

ibas++ gpf correction process in Bangladesh

  1. login to ibas++
  2. Click Bill Submission
  3. Select Fiscal year
  4. Select Month of Salary
  5. Press go
  6. you will see your current gpf subscription and other salary info
  7. Click gpf correction
  8. you will see gpf info
  9. just change your Subscription amount
  10. Click Save
  11. done it

Can i decrease the current gpf subscrition fee in ibas++?

yes you can change your gpf subscription fee by upper or down. gpf subscription can be decreased or increased. A sdo can change his gpf subscription pay or DDO Can change gpf amount of his staff. staff can not change gpf amount by himself.

iBAS++ এ জিপিএফ হ্রাস-বৃদ্ধির জন্য GPF Correction অপশন চালু!

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