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ibas++ App । বেতন বিল সাবমিট হবে মোবাইল অ্যাপের মাধ্যমে

ibas++ App – Google Play Store ibas++ app published – ibas++ Application

ibas Pay – Ibas++ is easy pay and faster pay which is safer and smarter. This internet based software is very easy to use. Now ibas++ App is launched, so task is easier, faster and safer.

Just Download app from google play store and open it by Tap. input username/ login id and entry password and lastly complete captcha entry. you have done it. Login and do your task. Yes this app is under development but published in google playstore. it will be workable very soon.

Bill submission-Select your Pay point, Check Name of the payee. Look into your office and address. Remember that Fiscal Year of salary is right select. Every month of the day 21, pay bill submission will be opened. before the day of 21, you can’t submit pay bill.

ibas++ Gross Amount and Net Amount will be shown  / Check Payment Details and Deductions also

Partial Bill Submission, half payment or partial of month bill will be submitted by ibas++.

ibas++ app

Caption: ibas++ app in google play store / ibas pay app is launched in google play

uses of ibas pay । usage of ibas++ app

  1. Login to ibas pay
  2. select pay point
  3. check name of payee
  4. double check office
  5. select fiscal year of salary
  6. select month of salary
  7. bill period for partial bill submission
  8. just Click GO
  9. See Payments
  10. Check Deductions
  11. click submit
  12. input OTP from mobile sms
  13. click Ok

what is ibas pay?

This is an app for submitting various bills for ibas++. ibas++ is the integrated budget and accounts platform for government of Bangladesh. This application helps recipients submit various bills for ibas++ system.

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